September 20, 2017

Our Services

As we are a leading provider of targeted results-driven in Advertising media solutions designed to help businesses and organizations communicate more effectively with their customers and grow their business. We use Innovative and unique strategy for each of our clients that best fits their goals and vision. Our primary goal is to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction possible. 

We don’t just work. We work hard. We do work that excites us. We do work that brings a smile. To clients and target audiences alike.

Television Ads

Our Ad filmmaking includes everything such as scriptwriting, storyboard concepts, editing, filming, post production scenarios to releasing and marketing and so on.

 Lakshmi Media Advertising has carved a niche in the world of Ad film making with its style of innovative presentation, engaging content, striking visuals and the overall presentation striking the right notes with the consumers.

Paper Ads

Online Newspaper Advertising has come of age. Booking advertisements in newspapers through online has many advantages to it. It gives you advantages both in terms of reachability, pricing, time-saving, cost-saving and several other benefits. 

We at Lakshmi Media Advertising have launched many an ad campaigns for products renowned or unknown and build brand images pushing its sales up in the marketplace.

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Radio Ads

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center”> Advertising on radio too has emerged as a cost-effective and results-oriented medium to help create brand awareness and grow business for diverse industries throughout the length and breadth of India.

We at Lakshmi Media Advertising believe Public Relations and Radio ads go together and together they create an effective campaign that sells.If you want to get your brand on the radio, we can make it happen for you within your budget. 


“Vision is to provide kind of solution which can ease complexity of outdoor advertising” We provide the latest features and a user friendly environment that allows marketing companies to reach their customers and provide best services in a cost effective manner.

In simple terms, we provide a platform where advertising agencies and/or marketing companies meet and negotiate the best possible deals in the least cost.