September 20, 2017

About Us

Lakshmi Media Advertising Which was started in

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the year 2012 founded by Mrs. G. Anandhi Prakash, is now recognized as one of the fastest growing and most experienced Advertising Agency. While we have successfully delivered numerous projects in the area of advertising & marketing, we have also gathered vast knowledge base through continuous learning. We believe in walking with our clients at every step during the journey of development and success of their business.


Our mission is to serve our clients better and in this respect we are engaged in involving all types of latest technological innovations. With comparable price, skilled professionals and quality service we are steadfast   to offer you services that makes you feel proud to work with us again on advertising

Services offer their expertise to any business or company to achieve

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& marketing needs,   please feel free of maximum level to our clients. We bring the mush needed method to the madness. Researched and tested over the year, it helps in guiding and providing sharp, clear, concise and insightful solutions into our client’s marketing and communication problems.


Today, the competitive edge belongs to those brave enough to resist the usual – those who have the expertise to ask why and the credibility to say no, the passion to drive business and the ideas that will have an impact on people, markets, technology and the future.

  • Resist the Usual means striking the perfect balance of creativity and innovation – great story telling driven through the right channels to create rich new brand experiences that connect consumers and sustain their loyalty.
  • Resist the Usual means making sure we do not confuse what’s current in technology with what gives a brand its unique currency.
  • Resist the Usual means that out only true success in our clients’ success.


Success can only be found if the objective is crystal clear and agreed upon. Before we do anything else, we work with your client to determine a challenging and stretchable, but teal and achievable objective.


With every objective comes a set of challenges – the stuff we need to overcome in order to move forward. If we can put down the things that are really getting in the way, we will be better equipped at finding solutions.


We need to understand what real people in the world need to ‘feel’ about the brand; what creates empathy, what touches the consumer, what is most relevant about the brand and how it helps him/her lead a better life.