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Our team of technically sound and well equipped individuals assists in the arenas of creative Tv Commercial advertising, News paper advertising, Radio advertising, Hoarding publicity.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our clients better and in this respect we are engaged in involving all types of latest technological innovations. With comparable price, skilled professionals and quality service we are steadfast to offer you services

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Today, the competitive edge belongs to those brave enough to resist the usual – those who have the expertise to ask why and the credibility to say no, the passion to drive business and the ideas that will have an impact on people, markets, technology and the future.

Go to Objectives


Success can only be found if the objective is crystal clear and agreed upon. Before we do anything else, we work with your client to determine a challenging and stretchable, but teal and achievable objective.

Go to Truth


We need to understand what real people in the world need to ‘feel’ about the brand; what creates empathy, what touches the consumer, what is most relevant about the brand and how it helps him/her lead a better life.

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Once your information is received we will contact you via e-mail or telephone. If you prefer immediate help please dial +91 - 8939044405 and we will be glad to help you.

About Us

A good understanding of production values, a great understanding of the consumer and fresh thought. A combined expertise that Lakshmi Media Advertising has worked hard to cultivate.

Lakshmi Media Advertising Which was started in the year 2012 founded by Mrs. G. Anandhi Prakash, is now recognized as one of the fastest growing and most experienced Advertising Agency.

While we have successfully delivered numerous projects in the area of advertising & marketing, we have also gathered vast knowledge base through continuous learning. We believe in walking with our clients at every step during the journey of development and success of their business.

Our Services

Working with the Best of directors Lakshmi media Advertising creating ideas, storyboard, crew, casting, production design and execution of high quality advertising film projects for regional and national clients.

Tv ads

TV commercials can be a great fit for even a small local company.
Our production of T.V. commercials in Chennai, India is done professionally and creatively in order to get the attention of a wider audience. Television advertising is all about crafting a short story that encapsulates your campaign message and comes alive on screen to a captive audience.

Radio Ads

Radio is far more affordable and operational advertising media.
Nothing can beat the impact of a well-written radio ad, coupled into a account frequent exposure. Unlike newspaper ads, radio ads are on zenith of just ink vis–vis paper. More people listen to the radio Monday through Friday, with 93% staying through a 1-6 minute commercial break.

Paper Ads

Newspaper Ads very affordable and valuable on a direct response media campaign.
We pride ourselves on paying attention to all details of the print campaign including the size of the ad, which newspapers and publications to test and roll out, and how to get some of the best pricing in the industry!


Hoarding printing is an effective way to advertise your business or project.
We have a specialist team dedicated to producing superb designs and finishes, in products ranging from aluminium composites and foam boards to adhesive vinyl.


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